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David F

David F

The Ruby Valley Trek, Red Pandas, and Cedar forests

This was the most memorable trip I have ever taken in the Himalayas. I have trekked in the Himalayas many times. Lakbar (porter) and Mingmar (guide) were exceptional. He seemed to be a celebrity along the way. We walked about 300kms and people came to shake his hand wherever we went.

During the first two weeks, there were almost no tourists in thAfter trekking with thousands of trekkers, this is a very welcome change. Hikers. We crossed a pass into an almost unpopulated area, where I had the fortunate fortune to see a couple of red pandas. There were cedar forests that blew me away. The cedar forests I thought had mostly all been cut down were pristine to my surprise. After that, we went up Lang Tang valley on a well-worn trail where tourists were aplenty. The devastation caused by the earthquake is shocking to see. Mountain people have dealt with earthquake damage admirably. They are calm, kind, and hospitable. Among the nicest people, you will ever meet! Himal, Mingmar, and Lakbar are all highly recommendable. One day, I hope to go to the mountains with them again!

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