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Singla Pass Trek

Singla Pass Trek

Langtang Region
Ritu Gamdan
singla pass
view from Sertung village

Trip Facts

Duration : 7 Days Max-Altitude : 4045 Program Type : Camping Best Season : Sep to Jan, March to August Per Day Walking : 5/6 h Trek Grade : Grade 3:

Since the terrain can be hard and the days long, hikers on these treks should be in good physical condition and have some previous mountain walking experience. Steep climbing may be involved, although it is never necessary to use ropes. Treks at this level can he arranged for periods of 16 to 21 days. Typically, a gradual ascent through a green river valley will lead you up to a number of high passes, where you will reach the altitude of 5416m. Often times, you will get a close insight into the Tibetan culture. Participants should expect to trek above 5416m/17872ft.


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Singla Pass Camping Trek:

The Singla Pass Trek, nestled deep within the breathtaking Ganesh Himal region, is an adventure like no other. Standing tall at 4045 meters, this trek takes you beyond the well-trodden paths of Pangsang la Pass and opens up a world of extraordinary Himalayan vistas, including Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, and the Langtang range. This remote gem offers an intimate glimpse into the pristine beauty of nature and the rich culture of the region’s indigenous communities.

The journey into the heart of Singla Pass Trek begins with a 6-hour drive from Kathmandu to Bhalche village, where your trekking adventure will truly take off. This trek boasts an array of captivating highlights, from an immersive eco-nature hike through rhododendron jungles to the upper reaches of Bhalche Thulogaun-Dhongang, the rugged expanse of Gumbo Danda, and the serene beauty of Rupchet Kharka, a local cattle farm that comes to life during the monsoon season, providing sustenance to both Bhalche and Sertung villages.

At the pinnacle of Singla Pass, you’ll find a magnificent and towering mani, a sacred site that draws Hindu pilgrims from near and far. The full moon day of September, known as Janai Purnima, sees an influx of pilgrims from Sertung, Tipling villages in Dhading, as well as Bhalche, Deurali, and Meghang in Nuwakot, all seeking spiritual solace in this majestic location.

The Singla Pass Trek offers a unique experience, catering to those trekkers who yearn for a quieter, less frequented journey amidst the tranquility of nature. Instead of the bustling tea houses, this trek is a camping expedition that immerses you in the heart of the Ganesh Himal region’s rugged beauty. Beyond Sertung village, there’s a relatively new Homestay trek known as the Ruby Valley Trek, meticulously surveyed and endorsed by the Trekking Agency Associations of Nepal (TAAN).

The Ganesh Himal region, through which Singla Pass meanders, is a treasure trove of diverse wildlife, flora, and fauna. The best times to embark on the Singla Pass Trek are from September to November and again from February to June when the weather is at its most pleasant, and the landscape is adorned in vibrant hues.


Unlike many popular trekking routes, Singla Pass Trek does not feature tea houses or homestays. It is a camping trek that leads you off the beaten path into the remote heart of the Ganesh Himal region. Here, you’ll find sprawling cow and yak pastures and a pristine alpine highland climate. If your schedule allows for more than seven days, you can even extend your adventure to visit Ganesh Himal base camp, the rejuvenating Hot Springs, and the charming Hendung Village.

Completing the Singla Pass Trek within a 7-day timeframe is entirely feasible. The typical itinerary includes starting from Kathmandu, passing through Bhalche, Gonaga, Rupchet, and Sertung villages via Singla Pass, and finally returning to Kathmandu. The Nepal Wilderness Trekking team leads the Singla Pass Camping Trek, comprising experienced guides and porters hailing from the very villages you’ll explore. Their intimate knowledge of the region and its unique challenges ensures a safe and unforgettable journey.

Trip Highlights

  1. Panoramic Himalayan Views: Feast your eyes on the awe-inspiring panoramas of Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, and Langtang Mountain Ranges, a photographer’s dream come true.
  2. Remote Camping Trek: Escape the crowds and immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature, camping amidst the pristine beauty of the Ganesh Himal region.
  3. Village Life and Local Culture: Experience the rich tapestry of local life as you interact with indigenous communities, gaining insight into their unique customs and traditions.
  4. Singla Pass (4045m): Conquer the challenging Singla Pass, standing tall at 4045 meters, and savor the sense of accomplishment as you reach its summit.
  5. Beautiful Landscapes: Marvel at the ever-changing landscapes, from lush rhododendron jungles to high alpine pastures, each offering its own distinct charm.
  6. Encounter Ethnic Community Cultures: Forge connections with the warm and welcoming communities of Sertung, Tipling, Bhalche, and more, as you gain a deeper understanding of their way of life.

The Singla Pass Camping Trek promises a unique and rewarding journey, allowing you to forge a deep connection with both nature and the local communities while reveling in the stunning vistas of the Himalayas. It’s an adventure that will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.this pas also call fikuri pass or fikuri trek

Detail Itinerary

  • Day 01: Kathmandu to Bhaalche (1810m) - Scenic Drive and Camp Overnight Commence your adventure by embarking on a picturesque drive from Kathmandu to Bhaalche (1810m) aboard a local bus. As the sun sets, set up camp for an unforgettable overnight stay.
  • Day 02: Gonaga Village (3100m) - Trekking through Nature's Splendor, 5 Hours Today's trek takes you to Gonaga Village (3100m), an enchanting journey through nature's splendor. After a 5-hour hike, retire to your tent for a well-deserved rest.
  • Day 03: Rupchet (3850m) - High Altitude Trek, 6 Hours Venture higher into the mountains as you trek to Rupchet (3850m) over a 6-hour stretch. Let the rugged beauty of the terrain captivate you as you prepare for an overnight camp.
  • Day 04: Singla Pass (4050m) and Sertung Village (1875m) - A Day of Triumph and Descent, 6-7 Hours Conquer the formidable Singla Pass (4050m) today and descend to the welcoming embrace of Sertung village (1875m). A challenging 6-7-hour trek will lead you to your tented accommodation for the night.
  • Day 05: Borang Gaon (1660m) - Scenic Trek, 5 Hours Embark on a scenic 5-hour trek to Borang Gaon (1660m), where nature's beauty unfolds at every step. Your overnight abode awaits in the form of a comfortable tent.
  • Day 06: Darkha Village (850m) - Descending into Tranquility, 6 Hours Descend into tranquility as you trek for 6 hours to Darkha Village (850m). Explore the serene surroundings before settling in for the night in your cozy tent.
  • Day 07: Return to Kathmandu via Dhading - Journey Back Home, 7 Hours Bid farewell to the mountains as you embark on a shared jeep and bus journey back to Dhading, ultimately making your way back to Kathmandu. A 7-hour drive marks the end of your unforgettable adventure.

Cost Included

  • Hotel to the bus park by car.
  • Kathmandu to Bhalche by public bus.
  • Camping accommodations
  • Italian, Chinese, Nepali, Indian, and many other European Delicious Meals three times a day (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Tea and coffee three times a day.
  • National park entrance permits and TIMS card.
  • One fluent English speaking, government registered, experienced, first aid trained guide who is friendly and familiar with this area and required porters,
  • Tents and kitchen equipment
  • Required Equipment sleeping bag jackets (Self-preparation equipment list click here).
  • Guides/porters- food, lodge, bus transportation, salary, insurance, equipment, etc.
  • Darkha to Kathmandu bus

Cost Excluded

  • Hotel in Kathmandu
  • Hard and soft table drinks such as Coke, Fanta, mineral water
  • Personal insurance.
  • Rescue operation charge.
  • Tip for guide & porter.

Trip Map

Frequently Asked Questions

The difficulty of Singla Pass Trek is moderate 7days camping trek from Kathmandu.
The Height of Singla pass is 4050 m.
yes you can do it, if you have few Extra days then can do Mange pass and join with Manaslu trekking trails
this is a private camping trek
Pre-monsoon (from February to May) and Post-monsoon (from late September to December)
National park permit and TIMS permit.

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