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Numbur Cheese Circuit Trek

Numbur Cheese Circuit Trek

Everest Region
Numbur Cheese Trek

Trip Facts

Duration : 15 Days Max-Altitude : 4500 Program Type : tea house and tent Best Season : April- May, Jun, and Sep-Oct-Nov-Dec Per Day Walking : 6/7 Hours Trek Grade : Grade 3:

Since the terrain can be hard and the days long, hikers on these treks should be in good physical condition and have some previous mountain walking experience. Steep climbing may be involved, although it is never necessary to use ropes. Treks at this level can he arranged for periods of 16 to 21 days. Typically, a gradual ascent through a green river valley will lead you up to a number of high passes, where you will reach the altitude of 5416m. Often times, you will get a close insight into the Tibetan culture. Participants should expect to trek above 5416m/17872ft.


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Numbur Cheese Circuit Trek

The Numbur Cheese Circuit Trek offers an unforgettable journey through the awe-inspiring landscapes and cultural marvels of the Numbur Himalayas. Situated in the heart of Nepal’s Solu-Khumbu region, this extraordinary trek seamlessly blends breathtaking mountain vistas, immersive cultural encounters, and the delightful flavors of local cheese. Prepare yourself for an enchanting exploration of the Numbur region’s exquisite tastes and natural beauty.

A Taste of Adventure

The Numbur Cheese Circuit Trek takes you through picturesque villages, terraced fields, dense forests, and serene valleys. As you trek along the well-defined trails, you’ll be greeted by the awe-inspiring beauty of the Himalayas, including the majestic Numbur Mountain. The panoramic views of Everest, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, and other Himalayan peaks will leave you spellbound.

Cultural Encounters

Beyond the natural beauty, the Numbur region is rich in cultural heritage. The trek provides an opportunity to interact with the warm and hospitable Sherpa community. You’ll have the chance to visit ancient monasteries, witness traditional ceremonies, and gain insights into the Sherpa way of life. Experience their unique customs, traditions, and spirituality that have been passed down through generations.

Cheese Delights

The highlight of the Numbur Cheese Circuit Trek is undoubtedly the delightful cheese produced in the region. Loding, a village along the trek, is renowned for its traditional cheese production. Indulge your taste buds with the distinct flavors of locally made cheese, crafted with time-honored techniques. Learn about the cheese-making process, meet the skilled artisans, and savor the mouthwatering varieties that will leave you craving more.

Tranquil Stays

Throughout the trek, you’ll be welcomed into comfortable teahouses and lodges that offer a cozy and tranquil atmosphere. Rest and rejuvenate in these mountain retreats, savoring warm meals and enjoying the company of fellow trekkers. Swap stories of your adventures and relish the peacefulness of the surroundings, knowing that each day brings new experiences and breathtaking vistas.

Sunrise Splendor

A truly unforgettable moment awaits you at Pikey Peak. Wake up early and make your way to the peak to witness the magical sunrise over the Himalayas. As the first rays of sunlight illuminate the snow-capped peaks, the entire panorama comes alive in hues of gold and pink. This awe-inspiring spectacle will be etched in your memory forever.

Off the Beaten Path

The Numbur Cheese Circuit Trek is a hidden gem, less frequented by tourists compared to other popular treks in the region. As you traverse the trails, you’ll enjoy a sense of tranquility and solitude, surrounded by unspoiled nature. It’s an opportunity to disconnect from the modern world, immerse yourself in the raw beauty of the Himalayas, and forge a deeper connection with the environment.

Responsible Trekking

The Nepal Wilderness Trekking Pvt team is committed to promoting responsible tourism and preserving the pristine environment of the Numbur region. Our guides and porters adhere to ethical trekking practices, ensuring minimal impact on the fragile ecosystem. We encourage trekkers to follow Leave No Trace principles, respecting nature and local communities, and leaving only footprints behind.


The Numbur Cheese Circuit Trek promises an unforgettable adventure, blending breathtaking mountain vistas, cultural immersion, and the flavors of local cheese. It’s a trek that will tantalize your taste buds, invigorate your spirit, and create lasting memories. Join us on this extraordinary journey and let the Numbur region weave its magic around you. Get ready to experience the perfect fusion with the Nepal Wilderness Trekking team.

The best time to do the Numbur Cheese Circuit Trek is during the spring and autumn seasons. Spring (March to May) offers mild temperatures, blooming rhododendron forests, and clear skies, making it ideal for trekking. The weather is generally stable, and the views of the surrounding mountains are spectacular.

Autumn (September to November) is another excellent time for the trek. The weather is cool and dry, with clear skies providing stunning views of the Himalayan peaks. The trails are also less crowded compared to the peak tourist season in spring.

Both seasons offer favorable conditions for trekking, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the Numbur Cheese Circuit without encountering extreme weather conditions or excessive rainfall. However, it’s essential to check the weather forecast and trail conditions before embarking on the trek, as weather patterns can vary.

Detail Itinerary

  • Day 1: Kathmandu to Shivalaya drive by local bus
  • Day 2: Trek from Shivalaya to Khahare (Altitude: 2,500m; Hiking hours: 6-7)
  • Day 3: Trek from Khahare to Panipakha (Altitude: 3,200m; Hiking hours: 5-6)
  • Day 4: Trek from Panipakha to Pancha Pokhari (Altitude: 4,000m; Hiking hours: 6-7)
  • Day 5: Trek from Pancha Pokhari to Tin Pokhari (Altitude: 4,500m; Hiking hours: 6-7)
  • Day 6: Trek from Tin Pokhari to Pauwa Bas (Altitude: 4,300m; Hiking hours: 6-7)
  • Day 7: Trek from Pauwa Bas to Haku (Altitude: 3,500m; Hiking hours: 6-7)
  • Day 8: Trek from Haku to Serding (Altitude: 3,900m; Hiking hours: 6-7)
  • Day 9: Trek from Serding to Lhachhewar (Altitude: 2,800m; Hiking hours: 5-6)
  • Day 10: Trek from Lhachhewar to Kyama (Altitude: 2,500m; Hiking hours: 5-6)
  • Day 11: Trek from Kyama to Gumdel (Altitude: 2,200m; Hiking hours: 5-6)
  • Day 12: Trek from Gumdel to Kholakharka (Altitude: 2,100m; Hiking hours: 5-6)
  • Day 13: Trek from Kholakharka to Those (Altitude: 1,700m; Hiking hours: 5-6)
  • Day 14: Trek from Those to Shivalaya (Altitude: 1,400m; Hiking hours: 5-6)
  • Day 15: Return to Kathmandu from Shivalaya (Altitude: 1,400m; driving by bus)

Cost Included

  • Private vehicle transportation from your hotel to the bus stations.
  • Round trip local bus tickets from Kathmandu to Shivalaya and back to Kathmandu.
  • Meals during the trek: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with tea, coffee, and hot/cold filtered water.
  • Accommodation in lodges, homestays, or tented camps during the trek.
  • An experienced, helpful, and friendly guide, as well as a cook and porter. Their expenses, including food, accommodation, salary, equipment, and insurance, are covered.
  • The necessary number of porters is required.
  • Trekking camping equipment such as tents, mattresses, dining tents, kitchen tents, toilet tents, kitchen utensils, etc.
  • All the required permits for the trek.
  • Office service charge.
  • All applicable government taxes.

Cost Excluded

  • Kathmandu Hotel
  • Hard and soft table drinks such as Coke, Fanta, mineral water, hot shower, dessert, etc.
  • Personal insurance.
  • Rescue operation charge.
  • Tip for guide & porter.

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