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Our Team

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Mardi himal back ground

Yakub Ghale

Namaste!!! (Greetings in Nepali) I am Yakub Ghale born in the beautiful trekking destination Ruby valley on the lap of...
Suk Ghale in Tilicho lake

Suk Bahadur Ghale

Namaste! (Warm greetings in Nepali) I am Suk Bahadur Ghale who was born in the northern part of Kathmandu on...
Narbin Magar

Narbin Magar

Narbin Magar is an Experience Climbing Guide for any mountain in Nepal, Narbin Magar is from Solukhumbu District, He is...
Tubal Rai trekking Guide

Tubal Rai

Tubal Rai trekking Guide Tubal Rai is one of the youngest, honest, and best guides from Lukla, he works for...
Nirmal gurung Nepal Trekking guide 

Nirmal Gurung

Nepal Trekking guide Hi! I am Nirman Gurung, the Trekking guide in Nepal. I have done many trekking regions of...
Annapurna base camp guide

Ramesh gurung

Namaste to all customers! I am Ramesh Gurung a guide for Annapurna Base Camp, I have done most of another...
Lok gurung

Lok Gurung

Greetings from Nepal! I am Lok Gurung from Dhading 4 Sertung Chalish village, and I have been working as a...
Jaybir tamang

Jaybir tamang

Jaybir Tamang Jaybir Tamang Trekking guide for Annapurna Base Camp, Jayabir Tamang is an Experienced trekking guide and familiar with...
Aaramba Tamang

Arramba Tamang

I am Aaramba Tamang from the Ganesh Himal region, I speak fluent English and have long-time experience since porter to...
Subaraj Magar

Subaraj Magar

Namaste! I am Subaraj Magar from Lukla. I have been working since 2010 as a trekking guide for the Everest...
Bikram Tamang

Bikram Tamang

I am Bikram Tamang born in Solu Khumbu region. I am working as a porter cum guide from Lukla in...
Prakash Rai

Prakash Rai

Prakash Rai Prakash Rai is one of the best Experience fluent English-speaking trekking and mountain Climbing guides from Nepal wilderness...
Mingmar Tamang

Mingmar Tamang

I am Mingmar Tamang from Rasuwa at Langtang Tamang heritage region. I am a Trekking guide from 2000 till now,...
Lal gurung

Lal Gurung

Greetings from Nepal! I am Lal Gurung from Dhading 6 Maidi. For ten years working as a Trekking guide for...
Bire gurung

Bire Gurung

Namaste! I am Bire Gurung from Chitwan, I am a guide for the Nepalese Himalayas since 1993 till now, most...
Dhan bahadur Rai

Dhan Bahadur Rai

Namaste! I am Dhan Rai From Solu-Khumbu District, I do my guiding job for Nepal wilderness trekking from Lukla to...
Dewan Rai

Dewan Rai

Warm Greetings from Himalayan Land of Nepal! I am Dewan Rai Everest region Experience Trekking guide of Lukla Base working...
Kumar Bk

Kumar BK

I am Kumar Bk from Dhading district four Chalish Village same village as our Nepal wilderness trekking agency owner Himal...
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