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Bharat Pariyar

Bharat Pariyar

Bharat Pariyar


I am delighted to meet you, Bharat Pariyar. Your connection to the stunning city of Pokhara Lakeside, known for its natural beauty and vibrant tourism, adds a special touch to your role as an expert trekking guide. Since 2004, you have dedicated yourself to guiding trekkers through the mesmerizing landscapes of Nepal, particularly in the renowned Annapurna regions.

Being a native of the Annapurna areas has granted you an intimate knowledge of these regions from your childhood days. Your deep understanding of the terrain, culture, and hidden gems within the Annapurna regions will undoubtedly enhance the trekking experiences of those who choose to explore these magnificent trails with you.

Flexibility is a valuable trait in any profession, and your willingness to adapt and collaborate with your colleagues in a friendly and helpful manner speaks volumes about your professionalism and dedication to providing exceptional service. Working harmoniously with your team ensures a seamless and enjoyable trekking experience for your clients.

As an expert trekking guide, you play a vital role in connecting travelers with the beauty and wonders of Nepal. Your friendly and helpful approach will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on those who embark on their trekking journey with you.

Thank you for your commitment to guiding and sharing the treasures of Nepal with visitors from around the world. Your passion, expertise, and friendly demeanor will undoubtedly make each trekking experience an unforgettable one.

Namaste, and I wish you continued success in your guiding endeavors!

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