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Nepal Peak climbing

About Nepal Peak climbing

Nepal Peak climbing

Nepal Peak Climbing

There is nothing better than trekking and climbing in Nepal to get a sense of the great outdoors and explore nature. Each trail has its own unique features and scenery, and there are many different trails to choose from. The Heights Mountains offer some of the best trekking trails in Nepal. Glaciers, snowcapped peaks, and lush valleys can be seen from these mountains. With a little preparation and luck, you will have an unforgettable trekking and climbing experience.

Nepal’s peak climbing and high mountain expeditions are among the world’s most outstanding achievements. Nepal visitor tourists represent almost half of all travellers to Nepal, but only half are trekking, sightseeing, and safari tourists. A number of peaks in Nepal are being authorized for peak climbing by the Nepal Government.

Nepal has 1,312 mountain peaks that exceed 5,000 meters in height, and 326 of them are accessible for climbing by the Nepal government and 17 by the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA). The rest of the peaks are only accessible by the Nepal government through permits.

Department of Tourism.

Nepal has eight mountains over eight thousand meters high, and climbing permits are costly and need to be applied for at the Department of Tourism. The tallest mountain in the world is 8,848 meters high. Every human knows the name of this mountain: Mount Everest. The Himalayan Mountains make a beautiful country that is also welcoming for mountaineers.

Mera peak

Eight of Nepal’s mountains are over eight thousand meters high. This is the name of the mountain

  1. Everest 8,848 m
  2. Lhotse 8,516 m
  3. Makalu 8,481 m
  4. Cho Oyu 8,201 m
  5. Dhaulagiri 8,167 m
  6. Manaslu 8,156 m
  7. Annapurna 8,091 m
  8. Kanchenjunga 8,586 m

In addition, there are 1,300 mountains higher than 6,000 meters. The Nepal Mountaineering Association NMA List has issued licenses to 17 summits. You can find numerous mountain itineraries on our blog. We promise you that you will have a memorable experience with our expert climbing guides and teams during your Nepal peak climbing with us.

Nepal is a suitable destination to travel to throughout the year, however, for trekking and mountain climbing holidays, the spring and autumn seasons are ideal. You can climb autumn peaks in Nepal anytime, with the full support and guidance of Sherpas, paying teak/climbing permit royalty to the local trekking company. The ideal and most suitable seasons for peak climbing in Nepal are spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November).  It is the perfect time to trek in Nepal during these seasons. There is less rain, less snow, and a fairly warm climate in the Himalayas, which has made climbing and expeditions to the top possible.

Climbing gear is more important for climbing Nepal’s peaks. Climbing boots are more important because they need to fit snugly over the ankle and be waterproof. The rest of the gear can be rented or bought, and we can give advice if you are new to climbing Nepal’s peaks.

Nepal wilderness trekking teams lead listed peaks of Nepal. In the Everest region are Ama Dablam peak || Island Peak || Lobuche peak || and Mera Peak. In the Makalu region is Baruntse peak. In the Annapurna Region is Pisang Peak || Chulu Far East peak || Tent Peak. In the Langtang region is Paldor peak || Yala Peak. In the Rolwaling region is Ramdung peak || Pachermo peak.

Note: It is important for the client to have the skill to climb the 6,000-meter peaks in Nepal. This is if they know how to use gears like crampons, ropes, and ice axes. You can reach your goals and summits with these gears.

Island peak summit

What is our identity?

Trekking and mountaineering are the main activities of Nepal Wilderness Trekking Pvt., a company that focuses on customer service. We are a government-authorized trekking company seeking to provide our customers with top-level customer satisfaction while enhancing our own experience in operating various adventure-related activities. In Nepal, high-altitude trekking, technical peak climbing, mountaineering, and expeditions are just a few of the adventure-related activities.

In addition to organizing trips, Nepal Wilderness Trekking PVT is also active in raising funds to develop rural areas and poor communities in Nepal. We donate 10 per cent of our profits from trips to charity. These donations are directed toward reforestation and the provision of educational materials to children in remote and poor areas of Nepal.

Nepal Wilderness Trekking PVT is a service-oriented company run by highly experienced trekking and mountaineering professionals. We are a government-authorized trekking and expedition company that organizes a variety of outdoor activities in Nepal, such as high-altitude trekking, technical peak climbing, mountaineering, and expeditions with other adventure-related activities.

Nepal Wilderness Trekking PVT not only organizes trips but also contributes actively to raising funds for the development of poor and rural areas in Nepal. We donate 10 per cent of our profit from our trips to charity every year. Nepal is using this for social work such as reforestation and providing educational materials to poor children in remote and poor areas.

So, you have to know that you are supporting a company that operates their treks according to standards that provide respectful, safe, and fair working conditions not only in Nepal but on all trips.

Available Packages

Chulu west
17 Days
$ 3000
gangchempo peak climbing
20 Days
$ 7500
Mera peak
15 Days
$ 2390
langshisha peak
17 Days
$ 2500
pokhalde peak
12 Days
$ 1600
dhampus peak summit by pasang sherpa
14 Days
$ 2700
west col
35 Days
$ 8000
ama dablam camp 2
15 Days
$ 4700
Ramdung Peak climbing
21 Days
$ 3800
14 Days
$ 2700
Mera Peak Amphu Lapcha Pass Island Peak Climbing
10 Days
$ 2700
Paldor Peak Climbing
12 Days
$ 2800
pachermo summit
15 Days
$ 3500
Yala peak climbing
3 Days
$ 350
Tent Peak Climbing
15 Days
$ 1800
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