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Volunteering In Nepal

Rural village of Nepal wanted volunteer teachers, (Dhading Sertung, Lapa and Chalish village). Our teaching programs are most important to us. We feel that only through education will Nepal ever be able to rise above its historic economic and social dysfunction.

You do not have to be a professional teacher, though these are highly prized; you simply need an open heart and a desire to improve the individual understanding of children and adults of academics and the world in general. We have a volunteer-generated teaching manual and will work with you during orientation to prepare you for the classroom.

The children in our area begin learning English in grade four in our school and grade one in private school, so it’s not a surprise that most of the student has a basic level of English. The benefits of learning English from a native speaker are inspiring for the young children.

Whoever interested to volunteers in rural elementary schools in our village to assist the local teachers with their English classes and other subjects. These volunteers are able to experience living in rural villages and will observe the true meaning of “community.” As a volunteer with our Teach English Program, you will have the opportunity to give these children the education and support they need and deserve.

Most of our schools welcome volunteers who want to get involved in other aspects of school life or run extra-curricular activities and after-school clubs. Alongside your conversational English classes, you could help with Sports. You can teach football, cricket and volleyball. Everyone enjoys having a volunteer who is keen to teach English or other subjects in the morning then get involved with arranging sports, drama and song in the afternoon.

In this program, you will be placed in a local school to teach Nepali children to speak, read and write English. You do not need any formal training for this program. We can place you in a school with textbooks or in a school with little info structure depending on what you personally are looking for. This is a very challenging program with amazing rewards. You will stay with a local family who lives close to your school during this program.

The schools do not have much for you to work with, you will basically be teaching in a bare room with only a chalkboard. We recommend you bring along any teaching supplies you feel will help. Large bookstores have a great selection of teaching supplies including Q cards and short stories with related questions placed on cards for convenient travel. It is greatly appreciated if you are able to leave any teaching supplies at your school.

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