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Female Trekking Guide in Nepal

Female Trekking Guide in Nepal

Female Trekking guide in Nepal

Female Trekking Guide in Nepal

Abinta Raut is an Expert Female Trekking guide in Nepalese mountain hike destinations, She does lead both male and female travelers in any Adventure trekking destinations of Nepal. Guide Abinta Raut is familiar with Annapurna base camp, Tamang heritage trails, Everest base camp, Poon Hill, and Mardi Himal trek, She is so intimate with these trekking regions including the Langtang Valley Trek. Guide Abinta Raut is a fluent English-speaking Government training license holder and Expert Female trekking guide who has all-around skills in trekking, Mountain climbing,  Rock climbing, Rafting, and kayaking. 

There is no doubt that women’s adventure activities in Nepal treks with a Female guide For the comfort of single female travelers is one of the most exciting adventures. It is possible to enjoy a wide range of joyful trekking opportunities in Nepal’s high Himalayas, such as beautiful mountains, ancient monuments, diverse cultures, and a variety of beautiful heritage sites. These factors attract a large number of the world’s female adventure enthusiasts. As there is an increasing number of female tourists trekking in Nepal, the demand for female guides is also rising. However, compared to the number of male trekking guides, the number of female trekking guides is almost negligible. There are very few female-led trekking companies in Nepal and even fewer companies that actively employ female trekking guides. Nepal Wilderness Trekking Pvt guides team is one of the local trekking companies that employs several female trekking guides. 


Since 2019, Abinta Raut has been working for the Nepal Wilderness trekking team as an Expert Female Trekking guide, her English is fluent for communists and brief for Nepal trekking regions’ pieces of information, cultures, geography, history, diverse culture and traditions, flowers, and fauna. 

The female trekking guides will be a perfect companion for female travelers, as they can share common feelings and better understand each other during the trip. Previous our customers who did an adventure trek with her, it was very much appreciated, and enjoyed their trek with Guide Abinta Raut. 

If any woman planning to adventure Trek in Nepal does a Solo or group trek with a Woman guide, then Abinta Raut is the perfect female trekking guide of the Nepalese Himalayas. if you are planning to do trekking in Nepal. Please hold Abinta Raut as your guide. In addition, if you hire a female trekking guide while trekking in Nepal, you will create employment opportunities and empower women to become financially independent, self-sufficient, and self-confident. By creating an independent working environment for women, the female trekking guide services aim to empower women.

Nepal Female guide

We are pleased to announce that our female trekking guide, Abinta Raut, has recently completed two days of wilderness first aid medicine training, which is very important when doing wilderness trekking in remote areas.

It is not uncommon for Nepal trekking guides to undergo Wilderness First Aid training, as part of the appeal of outdoor adventures is the opportunity to unplug and enjoy quiet time in the Nepalese Himalayan Wilderness area trekking, away from the city. In addition, since you will be farther away from emergency responders and urgent care clinics, you must be familiar with wilderness first aid. Consider it as an opportunity to become more capable and self-sufficient in Women’s Adventure Nepal.

Most outdoor incidents are minor and easily treatable. Providing aid in the wilderness involves preventing a condition from worsening to continue your Nepal adventure Wilderness area trek or climbing on the mountain. Despite this, it is important to be prepared for any eventuality. In a wilderness first-aid course, you will learn how to evaluate a patient, which involves the following steps.

Wilderness first Aid

Our female guide, Abinta Raut, also has recently completed a Basic Mountain Rescue Training and an Introductory Rock Climbing Course. Basic Mountain Rescue Training equips individuals with vital skills to handle emergencies in mountainous areas, including navigation, first aid, rope techniques, search and rescue, risk management, communication, shelter, teamwork, and environmental awareness. This training is essential for outdoor enthusiasts and hikers, enabling them to respond effectively in challenging terrains.

Rock climbing certificate

Additionally, Abinta completed an Introductory Rock Climbing Course. This comprehensive course covered safety protocols, basic climbing techniques, equipment usage, and proper belaying methods. Participants gained the knowledge to climb indoors or outdoors with expert guidance, establishing a strong foundation for safe and enjoyable climbing experiences.

Mountain Rescue training

Nepal’s tourism sector plays a crucial role in the overall development of the country’s economy. Additionally, it is necessary to empower women in the trekking tourism field. Due to a male-dominated society, women’s entrepreneurship is not seen as often as men’s. The majority of women in rural areas are involved in household activities. As part of the tourism industry, specifically in the trekking field, Abinta is taking a step forward by pursuing a career in trekking guiding. She also aims to establish a leading women’s trekking company in the future.

Since 2020, there has been a notable rise in the number of women’s trekking guides in Nepal, catering specifically to the needs and preferences of women treks to Nepal. This trend reflects a growing desire among women adventurers for guidance and support from fellow women in the challenging terrain of the Himalayas. Solo female trekkers, in particular, are increasingly opting for women guides for Nepal women’s trek journeys through the Nepalese trails. This preference stems from various factors, including a sense of safety, comfort, and understanding of unique needs and concerns that women may have while trekking in remote areas.

Trekking in Nepal with a female guide creates employment opportunities, enables women to become financially independent and self-sufficient, and builds self-confidence. The main objective of the female trekking guide services is to empower women by providing them with an independent working environment.

Our Guide Abinta Raut completed a one-month guide training program accredited by the Nepal Government Ministry of Tourism from December 11, 2022, to January 14, 2023.

Abinta trekking guide certificate

  1. Empowerment: Hiring a female trekking guide can help empower women in Nepal and support gender equality. In a male-dominated industry, providing opportunities for female guides can help challenge traditional gender roles and increase opportunities for women in the workforce.
  2. Cultural sensitivity: Female guides can offer a unique perspective on the local culture and customs, particularly for female travelers. They can provide valuable insight and advice on local customs, dress codes, and appropriate behavior, which can be particularly important in more conservative areas.
  3. Safety: Female guides can provide an added level of safety and security for female travelers, particularly when traveling solo. They can provide reassurance and guidance, particularly when navigating unfamiliar areas or situations.
  4. Communication: Female guides can often communicate more effectively with local women, particularly those who may not speak English. This can help facilitate more meaningful interactions and connections with the local community.
  5. Experience: Many female guides in Nepal are experienced and knowledgeable about trekking and the local area. They can provide valuable advice and insights, particularly for female travelers who may have different needs and considerations than male travelers.

Hiring a female trekking guide in Nepal not only supports gender equality but also enhances your adventure travel experience. It fosters meaningful connections with the local community and empowers women guides. For more information and to book your trip, please click here.

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