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Camping trek in Nepal

Camping trek in Nepal

makalu himal

Top 7 Best Camping Trek in Nepal

Camping trek in Nepal offers a unique opportunity to camp in a wilderness area off the beaten trail. Camping Trek is perfect for those who want to experience the beauty of Nepal while disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The trek takes you through some of the most stunning scenery in the Nepalese Himalayas, including forests, mountains, and rivers. You’ll also have the chance to encounter some of Nepal’s wildlife, including tigers, leopards, and rhinos. Also Camping trek in Nepal is more challenging and freezing the high mountainous land of Nepal, untouched by modern civilization, dense forest, and High alpine pasture trails, we have several places for a camping trek in Nepal which is a wilderness experience and natural beauty cosmic energy trek.

During your Nepal Camping Trek, you able to see and get a chance to explore authentic Remote Nepalese villages where people are surviving by growing own their food with a happy life, still there are many camping Trek in Nepal which is untouched by Morden deployment and out of tea house access, and Inaccessible territory surviving with traditional lifestyles.

The Challenging Camping trek is especially conducted in remote areas of Nepal, where very few trekkers do because of expensive costs. Need more porters to supply all camping equipment Tents, food, sleeping bags, and also Sherpa, a trained cook with an expert Guide.

One of the best ways to experience Nepal is by camping in one of its many wilderness areas. There are a variety of camping treks available, depending on your fitness level and interest. Some treks are located off the beaten trail and offer a more authentic experience.  Nepal has the top 7 Best Camping treks which are Sherpani Col Passes, Dhaulagiri Circuit, Upper Dolpo, Panch Pokhari, Tilman Pass, Ganesh himal Singla Pass, and Ganjala Pass.

#1 Sherpani Col Trek

Sherpani Col

Sherpani Col passes Camping trek is one of the most challenging Camping Trek in Nepal, it is 22 days longest trek that starts by flying to Tumlingtar 35 minute scenic flight, and following the Arun Valley gorgeous Cardamom crops landscapes with a stunning Himalayan range view of the fifth world’s highest mount Makalu, Kanchenjunga, and top of the world highest Mt. Everest. Read More

#2 Dhaulagiri Trek


The Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek is Identified as challenging and difficult high passes landscapes Camping treks in Nepal. Dhaulagiri trek is a unique Camping trek; off the Beaten routes, with difficulty, narrow rocky trails, hike through the glacier, crevasse, Avalanches, rock fall sections, tough French pass, and Dhampus pass (Thapa Pass). Read More

#3 Upper Dolpo Trek

Upper dolpo

Upper Dolpo Camping Trek is a far-western part of the Trek closest to Tibet’s border highlander desert valley and many high passes of Dhaulagiri and upper Mustang ridges connecting with the Great Himalayan Trails trek. beautiful mountains, grey hills, and a dry alpine grazing desert, Ancient Buddhism is a sacred land. Upper Dolpo Camping Trek is also called the Trans- Himalayan Trek and mid-West Nepal includes the freezing settlement of the legendary trek, the Shey Gompa Monastery beyond the Phoksundo Lake. Read More

#4 Panch Pokhari Trek 

Panch pokhari

Panch Pokhari trek is an easy Camping trek in the Sindu Palchok District, it is a Remote area trek. Read More

#5 Tilman pass trekking

Tilman Pass

Tilman Pass camping trekking In Nepal will follow past the rocky peaks of Kanshurum, Urkinmang, and Ganchenpo. A long time ago in Kerong, Tibet, an old Lama and his wife, Dorjee, and Lakpa had crossed the pass with the ox, one of the little challenging difficulty trails pass at Langtang regions, the trek discovers gorges valley of Trisuli rivers flow from the  Langtang valley. Join paths with Tamang heritage, Ganjala pass, on end connect with panch Pokhari trek. Read More

#6 Ganja La Pass

ganjala pass

The Ganja La Pass trek is the upper range of Naya Khang Peak, the most challenging adventure pass related to the Langtang and Helambu trek, and the closest to Tamang heritage culture trails. The Ganja La Pass trek trail was closed for most of the month because of sunny shadows and deep snow on the path along the pass. Read More

#7 Singla Pass trek

singla pass

The Singla Pass camping trek journey started 6 hours of driving to Bhalche village from Kathmandu. These trekking highlights are Eco nature’s hike inside the rhododendron jungle, the upper part from Bhalche Thulogaun- Dhongang, the range of Gumbo Danda and Rupchet Kharka, the Rupchet is domestic cattle farm for the monsoon of Bhalche village and Sertung villages. Read More


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