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Puja Karki Female Guide

Puja Karki Female Guide

Puja Karki female trekking guide

Exploring the Himalayas with Puja Karki

Nepal, a land of soaring peaks, lush valleys, and rich cultural heritage, has been a magnet for trekkers and adventurers from around the world. Nestled amidst the towering Himalayan mountains, Nepal offers a plethora of trekking opportunities, each promising breathtaking vistas and an adventure of a lifetime. Among the many individuals who make these treks possible, Puja Karki stands out as an exceptional female trekking guide, breaking stereotypes and leading the way for women in the adventure tourism industry.

Puja Karki: A Trailblazer in Nepali Trekking

Born and raised in the heart of the Himalayas, Puja Karki developed a deep love for the mountains at an early age. She grew up in a small village in the Solukhumbu region, just a stone’s throw away from the iconic Everest Base Camp trekking route. Her childhood was filled with stories of legendary climbers and explorers who ventured into the Himalayas, and it wasn’t long before Puja herself dreamt of following in their footsteps.

However, becoming a trekking guide was not an easy path for Puja, especially as a woman in a male-dominated industry. In many traditional Nepali communities, women were expected to take on more conventional roles, but Puja was determined to break these norms and pursue her passion for adventure and trekking.

The Journey of a Lifetime

Puja’s journey as a trekking guide began with unwavering determination and the support of her family. She embarked on countless treks in her youth, learning the intricacies of the trails, the rich cultural heritage of the region, and the art of navigation in the rugged terrain. She honed her skills under the guidance of experienced guides and gradually built her reputation as a reliable and knowledgeable trekking guide.

One of Puja’s most memorable experiences was her first solo trek as a guide. She vividly recalls the exhilaration and nervousness she felt as she led a group of trekkers through the challenging Annapurna Circuit. Her passion for sharing the beauty of Nepal’s landscapes and cultures with others propelled her forward, and she has never looked back since.

Empowering Women in Adventure Tourism

As a female trekking guide, Puja Karki has not only achieved personal success but has also become an inspiration for countless other women who aspire to venture into the adventure tourism industry. She firmly believes that women are just as capable as men when it comes to leading treks and exploring the wilderness.

Puja has actively worked to encourage and empower women in her community to pursue careers in adventure tourism. She has organized workshops and training sessions for young women interested in becoming trekking guides, imparting her knowledge and experience to the next generation of trailblazers.

Navigating Challenges

Being a female trekking guide in Nepal comes with its unique set of challenges. Puja has faced skepticism and resistance from some male colleagues and trekkers who initially doubted her abilities. However, she has overcome these challenges with grace and determination, proving her competence time and again.

Her approach is to let her skills and knowledge speak for themselves. Trekkers who have had the privilege of being guided by Puja often praise her professionalism, expertise, and the personal touch she adds to each trek. It’s this combination of skills and empathy that has earned her a loyal following among both domestic and international trekkers.

Connecting with Trekkers on a Deeper Level

One of the qualities that sets Puja apart as a trekking guide is her ability to connect with trekkers on a personal level. She doesn’t just lead them along the trail; she shares stories of her homeland, introduces them to local cultures, and fosters a sense of camaraderie within the group. Many trekkers have described their journeys with Puja as not just physical adventures but also profound cultural experiences.

Puja’s deep knowledge of the region allows her to provide valuable insights into the local way of life, traditions, and the significance of the places they visit. Trekkers often leave with a richer understanding of Nepal, its people, and its natural wonders.

Preserving Nepal’s Natural Beauty

In addition to her role as a trekking guide, Puja Karki is also a passionate advocate for environmental conservation. She has witnessed firsthand the impact of climate change on the Himalayan region, with shrinking glaciers and changing landscapes. This has spurred her to take action to protect Nepal’s natural beauty for future generations.

Puja actively promotes responsible trekking practices among her clients, encouraging them to leave no trace and minimize their ecological footprint. She also participates in local initiatives aimed at preserving the fragile ecosystems of the Himalayas and educating communities about sustainable practices.

Awards and Recognition

Puja Karki’s dedication to her profession and her contributions to the adventure tourism industry in Nepal has not gone unnoticed. She has received numerous awards and accolades for her outstanding work, both from the Nepali government and international organizations. These recognitions serve as a testament to her commitment to her craft and her impact on the world of adventure tourism.

Trekking with Puja Karki: An Unforgettable Experience

For trekkers looking to explore the majestic landscapes of Nepal with a seasoned guide who is also a trailblazer in her field, trekking with Puja Karki is an opportunity not to be missed. Her wealth of knowledge, unwavering passion, and dedication to empowering women make every trek with her a unique and enriching experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned trekker or a first-time adventurer, Puja’s guidance ensures that you’ll not only conquer challenging trails but also gain a deeper appreciation for the beauty of Nepal and its diverse cultures. Her warm and welcoming personality creates a sense of camaraderie among trekkers, fostering lifelong memories and friendships.


Puja Karki, the female trekking guide from Nepal, is a shining example of passion, determination, and empowerment. Her journey from a small village in the Himalayas to becoming a renowned trekking guide has been nothing short of inspirational. Puja’s commitment to breaking gender barriers in adventure tourism and her dedication to preserving Nepal’s natural beauty make her a true trailblazer in every sense of the word.

For those seeking an unforgettable adventure in the majestic Himalayas, Puja Karki offers not just a guide but a cultural ambassador, an environmental advocate, and a source of inspiration. Trekking with Puja is not just about conquering peaks; it’s about embarking on a transformative journey that leaves trekkers with a profound connection to the land and its people. Puja Karki’s story reminds us that the mountains may be challenging, but with determination and the right guidance, any summit is within reach.

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