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About Nepal

country of mountains

Himalayan Country Nepal

Nepal main Trekking hub and historical monument for adventure lover, vibrant cultures and attractive brilliance, the Located between China and India, Nepal’s main geographical features include snow-capped highest peaks, lower mountains, hills and lush Terrain plains of tropical jungles. Nearly one- third of the total length of the Himalayas and 8 of the world’s 14 highest mountain peaks are in Nepal.

The landlocked country covers an area 147,181 sq. kilometres ranging from 70 meters to the highest point at 8848 meters above sea level.

Nepal popularity as a tourist destination has increased greatly over the years.

While trekking and mountaineering have long been popular, an entire range of other activities is carried out.

With the variety of adventure options, the country is a favourite among adventure lovers.

There are many things to do in Nepal, the popular activities are Trekking, Hiking, Climbing Home stay, cultural heritage and Adventure Tours are main activities.

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